Tianjin (continued)

We took a stroll along the waterfront and came across people doing a tai-chi, disco line dance. When in Rome…  It was great fun and good exercise.

Thursday, October 12

We had an outside 3 item breakfast for two at $1.50 USD. In the hotel our breakfast would have cost $60 USD. After breakfast we returned to the riverfront for more painting.

The “Bright Bridge” makes for an ideal paintsite. So many interesting shapes! This is from my sketchbook.

Among Tianjin’s many attractions is “Food Street.” The street is lined with restaurants and a mall with snack foods. We picked out a restaurant that featured local cuisine rather than “tourist food” for our lunch.

The seafood and vegetable dumpling stack is a local specialty.

“Italy” is a district in Tianjin that features Italian style buildings and fountains. Squinting and a good imagination helped with the effect.

The China house is a tourist’s must see destination. The entire structure is made from China vases.

Pot, anyone? There are plenty here! We didn’t go inside. It looks pretty much the same as the outside, lots of pots.

I am grateful that the bullet train makes the trip so short. Three elderly passengers sat across from us on the return trip. (I am not elderly, I am just old.) The woman in the center talked continuously in a loud voice to no one in particular. Then she took a cellphone call and talk became screaming. I wanted to say, “Lady, put a sock in it,” but I am a guest in China and do not wish to be thrown off the bullet train. It was still a great trip.

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