Guilin and Yang Shuo

Thursday, October 19.

You think San Francisco has cable cars? Here is an unforgettable ride above the terraced rice fields.

You meet the nicest people on a cable car. This is Simona, a wandering gypsy from Sicily.

What do plein air painters do when they are on a mountain top?  They paint!

Dick’s painting of the terraced rice farm with harvester.

Salinda’s painting of terraced Golden Valley rice fields.

Chicken and rice lunch baked in bamboo stalks.

Salinda hams it up with the locals.

She couldn’t resist playing in the rice field.

Simona watched our painting pack while we went exploring.

Friday, October 20

Cruising down the Li. We boarded a river boat for a four hour cruise to Yang Shuo

Our room in the Bai Landi Mediterranean style Hotel

Salinda inspects a Chinese “Smart” style car.

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